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Originally Posted by dura View Post
Was Voltron a Japanese cartoon dubbed in English?

Was Robotech as well?

I know they were animated in Japan. Were they also written by Japanese writers?

While I'm trying to watch the Japanese G1 I hear the same sound effects, choreography, general feel and tone of Voltron and Robotech.

Perhaps is the Japanese G1 cartoon episode were all dubbed in English, they would have been just enjoyable to me as a kid watching Voltron and Robotech.

Were Voltron and Robotech just Japanese animated and written cartoons dubbed in English?
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Voltron was 2 Japanese shows dubbed into English, the first show Go Lion was the more popular show in the US, the second show whose name I can't remember or even know how to spell was never quite as popular. Both series were made by the same animation company and Voltron was so popular and made so much money in the US that World Event Productions (WEP for short) went back asked them to make new episodes of Go Lion and a team-up special called The Fleet of Doom which finally had the two Voltrons team up (kinda). In the 90s WEP brought Voltron back as a CGI show and from I saw of it the story was OK, but the CGI was awful even by standards of the 90s. There was a Nickelodeon series that didn't do all that well because it was coming in after Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Currently DreamWorks animation has a new Voltron series on Netflix.

Robotech was 3 different Japanese shows and anyone who care can read my posts in this thread.

Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory were dubbed into English but it's abysmal dubbing and writing (you can find these dubs on youtube but don't say I didn't warn you). According to Shout Factory they wanted to do a new dub but were told by Hasbro "NO DUB" because some at Hasbro were never liked these shows and were only wanting to release them to shut the fans up.

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