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Smile Transformers Comic Partwork Coming.

Collecting just about everything it seems:

These things usually start with a small trial run in one part of the country before relaunching nationwide with issue 1 if it's a success (and with any bugs sorted out, the Who one had a different cover layout on the issues released during its trial run), the websites never mention this--annoyingly--because they don't want to put off subscribers. Though if you do subscribe during the trial it seems to vary if you get the issues or if they just wait till the national launch (though if you do get the test issues you get the repeated ones in the full launch free).

It looks like, as with the Who and potential IDW Trek ones (though if they're doing this I guess that was a success and will be going nationwide) they book will be chronological when on the shelf but released out of order to spread out the stuff people are going to be most interested in.

The main appeal for me is the idea of behind the scenes info on the American book, hopefully it will be up to the standard of the Classics TFUK stuff (which will presumably be the basis of the behind the scenes stuff in those books), so I can certainly see me getting those.

(All the above assumes there hasn't been a test run I've somehow not heard about. I hope they do something with the front covers tbh, they feel a bit dull)
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