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The Marvel collection seems to have done well enough to be re-issued and/ or still running (really confused by that - the black volumes seem to still be an ongoing concern, but there was a relaunch a couple of years ago of the same series in magenta covers which I also keep seeing about), so I can see that other comic properties might be something Hachette would be interested in.

If I wasn't happy enough with the Titan stuff, I'd probably pick this up. I do wonder how well that Dredd collection fared. I didn't see it anywhere after the initial 5 issues of that.

The behind the scenes stuff is appealing - as it is for the IDW Classics UK books - but I just can't justify buying the same stuff over again for a marginal amount of content I haven't seen before. I hope it does well anyway. Transformers is probably of solid enough appeal, so it should sell moderately well.
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