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T2006 will do brisk business, especially if they're really smart and bundle either the IDW film adaptation or a DVD copy of the film in for a first issue freebie. But you're not going to get much nostalgia appeal in War Within or Stormbringer; personally think they should have picked either IDW or Marvel, not sure how many people who casually read the weekly thirty years ago are going to be much other than baffled by new comics which have nothing to do with the old.

WW is especially baffling - an unfinished prequel to unfinished stories which will probably be skipped seems more like the editor trying to do the writer a favour by putting some royalties his way in a big-selling early issue.

It's a bit of a shame as an Ultimate TF UK book just covering the Marvel stuff with some common sense stuff like annuals, G2, full colour US reprints, dumping Earthforce in one solid block at the end and maaaaybe finding money to at least finish off colouring Raiders would be tempting and if done in a similar way to the Titan stuff but with the UK material integrated (start off with big epic Unicron stuff and then G2 before looping around to the dodgy early material when the subs are in would have actually been pretty tempting and probably more likely to ensnare.

Transformers still isn't hugely remembered as a comic title here either; the cartoon seems to have imprinted a lot harder considering its' spotty showings.
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