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I got about to about halfway through season 3 of Airwolf on watching it on blu ray. And I speak as a man who watched all of Knight Rider and The A-Team quite happily.

The repetition of the plots (driven by the increasing need to reuse every shot of the helicopter as often as possible) is a problem, but I think the big issue was that those other two shows had likeable, charismatic (yes, even the Hoff. He has no self awareness but you can see why he was a hero to small children because he's basically playing the world's perm-iest 12 year old) leads who managed to overcome however silly or repetitive the plots themselves were.

Stringfellow Hawk on the other hand is a plank of wood who can barely manage one emotion and he kills the whole series around him. Plus it treats him as if he's some super sexy stud no woman can resist which seems odd when you look at him.
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