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I've been working my way through the G1 Transformers comic and cartoon and fully intend to follow up on it with the A/E/C trilogy, with the intent of selling those toys after I'm done since I'm pretty sure that'll be the last time I ever watch those damn things (also to fund my G1 collecting since that's pretty much all I buy these days)...

...but the trouble is, I've owned my Armada and Cybertron toys for such a long time that they've practically got their own nostalgia. Considering how few I own to begin with, it'd feel a bit silly to just keep one or two - and even if I did, which ones would they be? Armada Hot Shot may be a piece of crap, but he's also the first Transformers toy I'd gotten since whenever the hell G2 ended. The Cybertron toys in the other hand are what you might actually consider good, especially in this day of hollow limbs and movie-inspired aesthetic, they appeal to me with their G1 blockiness.

And in spite of effectively having stuffed them in a box, taped it shut and shoved it in storage, I can't help but to feel attached to them. At least unlike the various Classics/Universe/whatever toys, most of which I've already sold, they're not trying to explicitly pass off as their G1 counterparts.
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