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Generations Nightbeat: I love this figure. I shouldn't, really. His shoulders are crap, I bought 2 upgrade pieces to add height and give him a G1 style animation model chest, and I got the Reprolabel kit to add some color. His pack in weapon is so bad he beat up Skids and took his nudge gun to use as a pistol.

And yet.....

Shoulder problems aside, even without the mods I've made, the mold is fairly good. The lean, lanky look works for Nightbeat far better than it does for Bumblebee or Goldbug. It just feels right.
Had Goldbug - sold him off. The whole thing just didn't work for me. Kind of surprised they never used the old Classics 'Bee mold for a Goldbug in the CHUG lines. That would have fit far better.

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If you start looking at stuff like Pretenders, there not much either. Thunderwing and Black Shadow are nice, pocket-sized versions of their original designs
Been digging through all of my stuff since my boy is into Rescue Bots right now. I really like Gen Black Shadow, even though I have zero nostalgia for him.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
so I'm sure I'll be adding a bunch of new figures to this particular sub-collection over the next year. But I don't want everyone to be a Headmaster...
I agree on that one. I'm gettin' that Getaway for sure.

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To touch on your other points - I really like a Universe Cyclonus, particularly the toy-based colour scheme on a more show accurate mould. Great fun!
Uni Cyclonus is fantastic. Just an absolutely ace figure.

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