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Prices are getting a bit tough to swallow, aren't they? I was looking at that little Titan Master Flywheels on the weekend, and was really tempted to buy it, but $8 plus tax for something the size of a Minicon? I just couldn't do it. Same goes for the Deluxes. In 2010 I was routinely paying $10 for some of the best Deluxe-class figures Hasbro has ever produced. And now they're asking twice that for figures that might be pretty cool but are still a ways away from the glory days of Straxus and Terradive and Warpath and Tomahawk. It's definitely raised the threshold from "buy everything that looks neat" to the point where I'm a lot choosier and wind up skipping a lot of stuff if I can't find it during a sale. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for you Brits, considering how high your prices were to begin with.
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