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Default Rereading Dark Cybertron

Finally broke down and got the hardcover to complete my MTMTE run in trade. About halfway through.

Now I can appreciate most of the small bits written by Roberts--the lovely sequence where the Rodpod flies through Metroplex's guts is fun, and the LL crew's interactions are mostly on point. But it seems the plot came mostly from Barber, and his weird obsession with titans who do inexplicable things. "The Necrotitan rises, and ejaculates a waves of zombie robot stuff. Orion, Rodimus, Cyclonus & Hardhead wander through the Dead Universe to get close to its "center." There's some kind of measurable objective for Barber's stories, but I never get it, and I suspect this is why my main memory of this story is "Shockwave wants to do something dumb."

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