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Spent plenty on Lego, which is providing better value for money despite being famously expensive; 20 actually gets you a relatively decent size kit. It really seems to be largely limited to TFs; even allowing for complexity the prices compared to something like Paw Patrol are astounding. I know it's a consequence of a struggling line in a shrinking market in a wobbly economy but it's still breathtaking.

Telling thing is I'm a terrible, terrible judge of value for money and usually have a fair bit of impulse cash. I can't remember the last time I picked something up in a shop, liked it and didn't buy it. Its' made the basic bread and butter of the line as obscenely unjustifiable as your TFSource end of the market. It's a shame it's happened when they're knocking out some great eighties-style figures, the sort of thing Generations should have been doing all along, based on neglected characters but there we go.

So yeah, just making sure I fill out all the Entertainer customer survey thingies I can...
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