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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Good work! How old is she?

I tried pretty hard to get my sister's kids into Transformers when they were younger, and even sent a box full of a couple dozen Unicron Trilogy toys home with them, but it never stuck. They had a very difficult time figuring out how to transform most anything, even stuff as straightforward as Armada figures. Hopefully my son catches on better in a few years.

I did, however, manage to turn two of them into Lego fiends, so there's that at least.
She's old enough Warcry that she has a fiancee. A man who thanked me for "converting her" when he met me.

Back when I was attending college, and had access to my first taste of high speed internet, I downloaded all the G1 Transformer cartoons, and placed them on the family network. She promptly found them when she was home sick one day and promptly fell in love with the Decepiticons and Soundwave! Since then if I wanted to make her happy, if I find a new one Soundwave, its hers by default. I figure it cost me close to $100-$125 for TR Soundwave with all his cassetticons.

What surprised me was she fell in love with the actual headmaster toys. Not the first time she's fallen in love with a bot outside her norms, same thing happened with Animated Jazz, she loved that bot's toy.
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