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I do wonder sometimes if transforming the figures just requires a certain aptitude for "visualizing" that not everyone has. Or maybe it's that the line is just missing the easy-to-learn entry-level figures like the G1 Minibots, and those small toys were what taught three year old me that aptitude in the first place? I mean, sure, there's Rescue Bots and One-Step stuff, but they're branded separately and most kids over age 5 are going to ask for the "big kid" stuff.
Well it's possible, I know I'm often left pawing at a figure for awhile until I manage to bash it into shape (INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR WIIIIIMPS and me eventually when I give up). With young kids I tend to think exposure/play is key, as kids get older they're also generally influenced by their peer group so that may contribute. I don't think the small one will be as interested in our hobbies as she gets older and discovers her own things/makes friends that introduce her to new things, but it may be something that she comes back to later on in life (especially since as it is she's looking to be set to inherit a whooooole lotta rocks and plastic crap).

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