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Buckled on the MMC figure after seeing some people come up with better pics. The head suffers under certain lighting and angles, as does the fairly wiry body, but in-hand it's pretty much everything a transforming DH design should be.

Cons: As others have commented, MMC quality sure has slipped though. The weapon attachments need slight shaving to fit in the backpack holes (not difficult, it's soft plastic [to reduce snapping risk I assume -- possibly why it hasn't shaped as precisely], just run a blade away from the part on the handles) and the packaging solution with gluing the first page of the comic to the box is really irritating and looks cheap when doing it as a normal booklet would have been fine. Chainsaw is rather oversized and I presume is more for another variant but was included anyway?

Pros: It's very hefty for the size after years of Hasbro hollowness and the shield and weapon attachments look the business and make sure that this feels like a DH figure first and not an adaption of another character.
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