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Yes, that's the one. A pisstake on crossovers sounds great. Ever since Action Force tried to muscle in on the TF comic in '87 I've been wary of such tosh, so it'll be nice if the writer can have a bit of a dig.

A few weeks ago I bought the most recent IDW TF humble bundle to see what had been going on in the RID camp (the first 6x TPB's worth).

The characters are arse. Sideswipe trying to be a hard nut all the time, Arcee is a talking Nightbird to Prowl's corrupt cop, blah blah blah. Blur running a bar seems an okay idea... but nothing ever happens in his bar!!

It wasn't fun. Or thrilling, and the editing cliffhangers weren't. Made me lose all interest in Transformers.

70's TV sitcom Butterflies was infinitely more rewarding. So here's hoping the Scavengers can match that.
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