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Default Movie thread, or; what movie did you watch last?

I know there's that DVD thread but that doesn't mean you've just watched them too. You might've watched a movie you got ages ago, or maybe just something on netflix.

I've been sitting through the Puppet Master films because I discovered it has ten sequels and I can't help but feel attracted to terrible horror sequels. Unfortunately, I'm only up to part 3 so far and none of them have been terrible, apart from the obviously low budget, although the stop motion sequences are miles better than the one in The Basket Case. The worst they can do is inconsistency about the nature of the guy who actually created them; in the first movie he's fleeing from the nazis and commits suicide before they get to him; in the second movie the puppets raise him from the dead and he becomes the villain and kills people, but the third movie makes him sorta the good guy again by taking place in nazi Germany and using his puppets to kill nazis.

I also watched Conan the Destroyer. I discussed the movie with someone, namely how the hall of mirrors scene has stuck with me since childhood when I guess my siblings had rented it or something and managed to catch that little of the film (I wasn't supposed to see it), and they called it a quintessential D&D scene; it got me thinking, this movie is probably a better D&D movie than, well, Dungeons & Dragons.
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