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I did not expect Robert Vaughn to kick the bucket this week, so it did not factor into my decision at all to re-watch all the Superman movies (although I may have to watch 3 sooner than I thought because of it), but I did watch Superman II the other day, and seeing it for the umpteenth time did make me realize how different it actually is from the first film, directorially.

IIRC only about 20% of the film is from before they sacked Richard Donner? The rest of it definitely feels more like the movie that followed it, in the way many of the shots are staged and lit, while clearly still having greater production values. It's especially obvious in the big city fight, which still holds up well to this day. Saying CGI isn't as good as practical effects may be a tired old horse, but some of the shots - like the one where Non gets punted through a high-rise building, and we get to see it from an indoor perspective - really do make me wonder how they accomplished the effect. With CGI, the answer would be fairly obvious.
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