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Robert Vaughn died? That sucks.

Given the way they were filming Superman and Superman II, Donner had filmed enough footage to have the second movie a little over half done before the Salkinds, figuring that Warner Bros. was going to have them shot if they didn't get a film out, told him to get an edit of Superman done and then he could finish Superman II. Apparently the turning back time ending was supposed to be for the second movie, as Zod and Co. had pretty much wrecked everything.

They then fired Donner and brought in Richard Lester to finish Superman II, having him refilm certain scenes so that he would have directed 51% of the movie and therefore could claim credit for the whole thing. Although no matter what happened, the odds were good Jor-El wouldn't have been in it even if Donner hadn't been sacked. Brando saw how much money Superman was making and wanted to renegotiate his contract.

They found all of the Donner footage in a vault in England somewhere, and Donner was able to finally do his version of Superman II. It's more even, tone wise, but also a bit jarring in spots. The honeymoon suite scene is done using audition footage.

I watched the first Puppet Master movie over Halloween, and it was pretty good, if low budget. In fact, I watched a lot of Full Moon Studios stuff over Halloween. Dollman is excellent, and HIDEOUS! is a lot of fun.

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