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They found all of the Donner footage in a vault in England somewhere, and Donner was able to finally do his version of Superman II. It's more even, tone wise, but also a bit jarring in spots. The honeymoon suite scene is done using audition footage.
My biggest issue with the Donner cut is that it basically exists in it's own universe; that is, one where the first movie had a different ending, leading into a much smoother transition to the second. Such as it is, the time-reversing ending in the Donner cut comes off too much as a "here we go again" type of thing.

I think in the end, the Lester version will remain the film everybody remembers. Speaking of alternate versions, what bums me about Superman IV isn't so much the fact that Warner or nobody else bothered to try making a proper "extended cut" of the film, with the proto-Nuclear Man and all, but the fact that the video release in Europe contained additional scenes which aren't on the DVD or blu-ray, namely the tornado and the Red Square; we only get them in the deleted scenes gallery. It'd be nice to at least see some kind of fan-made cuts of 3 and 4, but Warner made sure to nip that one at the bud by only including fullscreen versions of them - and a lot of the "deleted" scenes on the S3 disc are less like deleted scenes and more like outtakes.
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