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Smile MotU Classics Ultimate editions

So for reasons that I'm not entirely clear on, Mattel/Mattycollector have stopped doing Masters of the Universe Classics and given the rights to Super7 (who do a vintage style 3 3/4" range of figures including MotU already).

Super7 are still using the Four Horseman designs and have got access to Mattel's factory, so quality should remain the same. Most notable change is that they've ditched the fanclub/subscription model and are doing it as made-to-order.

They've started by doing reissues of He-Man, Skeletor, Faker, Teela and Ram-Man in "ultimate editions" that bundle in accessories from assorted previous releases. Ram-Man is in mini-comic colours.

Pre-Sale started today, cut-off at the end of November. $35 each plus shipping. Knocked up a dummy cart and UK shipping for the set of five works out at $80, for those who are interested.

Hopefully they'll be able to sort out the legal issues around the Thundercats licence and continue the range that Mattycollector started there, too.
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