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Is Skyquake drunk?

Anyway, the other two issues in the trial have turned up (bloody Halfshell being right), though still missing the flat number on them. Though when phoning up to get the address corrected the man on the phone I spoke to confirmed it's going nationwide, possibly before the end of the year (though he wasn't entirely sure about that).

As for the two books, a quick glance makes me think:

The Edge of Extinction one is very nice, good chunky hardback with Rhythms through to the titular story, so basically not far off being that best of book Titan did a few years ago. I can see this being one people who aren't otherwise interested grab.

Plus all the UK covers are present, the only book with American Marvel issues where this was the case. I think this was the last issue in the trial, so hopefully that's something that's been tweaked as they've gone along and the proper series will do it for all.

The Primal Scream one is a little odder. As I've said before, I can see the logic of getting the "Drawn to be colour" strips in the trial by hook or by crook so that if it didn't go through they'd at least have had the treatment. But there's no sense in either Fall and Rise... or especially the clear prologue to Time Wars Cold Comfort and Joy being there. It's very odd and distracting and means the attempt to "Do" Marvel in the proper order has already faltered.

Not sure why the new colours are very much in the American Marvel "Dots" style rather than what the UK used to do either.

[I haven't had chance to read the surrounding bonus material yet, so maybe all question will be answered there]

Quick Edit: I do think they've made a bit of a mistake with the issues chosen for the test being so Marvel and Furman heavy. It doesn't give any real idea of what people who aren't already buying all the comics might expect from the backhalf of the series, nor what a "Modern" (Stormbringer is ten years old!) TF comic is like. Any Brits going "Well I'd loved what I had as a kid, but I'm not sure about this other stuff" won't have anything to sway them here.

I'm not sure how far forward it's going, but surely Wreckers (though I suppose that's not that recent any more) or early MTMTE or RID would have been a sensible addition.
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