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Default So, what's your "definitive" version of the Transformers story nowadays?

Or do you even have one?

I remember a lot of (mostly) good-natured comic vs. cartoon back and forth back in the day, and most people tended to view one or the other as the real story at the other as a throwaway diversion. That's died down a lot in the intervening years, I think, with so many other versions of the tale being told. But I'm curious how many of us still look at one corner of the franchise or another and say "that's the real Transformers tale right there".

Do newer fans tend to grab on to the Movieverse or IDW as "their" Transformers? Or does the fact that are so many different versions of the story out there mean that they're more likely to just pick and choose what they like?

And what about old fans, like most of us here? A lot of you have read and watched the new content, but do you think of it on the same level as the old stuff? Or do you classify it as just another alternate universe, even if you enjoy it?

For my part, honestly, I still look back on the Marvel comics as the real thing. Between the stories themselves and the deep personality that most of the cast was given through the TFU profiles, it created a deep, coherent universe that I don't think any of the later works have managed (not even Beast Wars, which I loved, but which was a very different, tightly-zoomed-in type of story). It's also the universe that established most of my favourite characters (or my favourite versions of them, when we're talking about characters with broad exposure like Shockwave, Grimlock or Prowl), and I'd be lying if I didn't say that played a big part.

While the IDW books have always aspired to that level of depth, they've suffered badly from different creative visions that pulled the universe in very different directions. And while they've been doing much better on that front lately, the Hasbro-mandated multi-brand crossover nonsense is a real enjoyment-killer because I don't care, at all, about any of the other properties that Transformers now has to share that universe with. And also -- while this is a matter of taste -- I think they've diverted so far away from the "broad strokes" of what Transformers should be that it's not something I can really think of as definitive in any way.
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