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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I remember a lot of (mostly) good-natured comic vs. cartoon back and forth back in the day, and most people tended to view one or the other as the real story at the other as a throwaway diversion.
There's never been anything good-natured about it. It's the UK comic and I'll cut anyone who says otherwise.

But no, seriously. The tech specs are the actual proper official default original continuity and everything else is an alternate reality adaptation thereof. Legit.

The original comic's my favourite story, but the original cartoon is the one that's made the biggest impression about how I think of each character. And these days I'm happy for people to prefer whatever they want, so long as they're not fobbing off another continuity as "not real Transformers" - there's been so many different official iterations that the term has even less merit than it did fifteen years ago.

I'll still cut you if you mention Dreamwave though.
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