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There's never been anything good-natured about it. It's the UK comic and I'll cut anyone who says otherwise.
I tend to alternate between thinking of the UK books as their own thing, and considering them along with the US stories and G2 as all part of one gigantic story.

I was introduced to the UK books a lot later than you Brits would have been, so I was an adult when I first read them. And that probably colours my impression of them some. But honestly, I find the weird early stuff (Man of Iron, Enemy Within, Wrath of Guardian, etc.) a lot more interesting than the big Target: 2006 to Time Wars era that everyone seems to talk about when they're heaping praise on the UK book. I enjoy that stuff, don't get me wrong, but I adore the early UK strips because they give so much love and attention to the '84 characters, Dinobots and Constructicons, characters that were mostly ignored in both the US and later UK books. There's so much stuff out there with Rodimus Prime, Galvatron and Ultra Magnus as the stars, but where else will you find so many stories starring the likes of Windcharger, Brawn, Ravage or Swoop?

That era of the UK book also produced some of the best Soundwave writing of all time.

I also enjoy the Earthforce stories, spotty as they are, for the same reasons.

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The original comic's my favourite story, but the original cartoon is the one that's made the biggest impression about how I think of each character.
I understand where you're coming from, because the cartoon did a great job of creating a baseline of awareness for all these guys in a way that the comics never did. A comic reader would be forgiven for not even realizing that, say, Air Raid or Powerglide or Dirge even existed, something that you can at least partly thank Nel Yomtov's lazy ass for. Whereas even a couple lines in one episode of the show could be enough to make them stick in your mind, because the presentation was flashier.

But whenever I've rewatched the show I'm always struck by how little character most of these characters have. Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, Rodimus, Galvatron, Magnus, Cyclonus and, surprisingly, Swindle of all people are pretty well fleshed out, but almost everyone else is just an accent or vocal tic away from being completely generic. Even the likes of Jazz or Ironhide or Soundwave, who I would have sworn before were important characters with a lot of personality, are really just fancy wallpaper. Highly memorable for exactly one thing but completely hollow otherwise.

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I'll still cut you if you mention Dreamwave though.
I'll always have a soft spot for them because of how many Micromasters and Actionmasters they gave proper personalities to in their profile books, but I think Dreamwave is mostly forgotten these days.
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