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I guess at heart I'm still a Marvel guy, though I'd hasten to call any version of Transformers definitive.

I suppose what's interesting with IDW over the last few years is--as we've discussed before--their main continuity has really become a mish mash of everything, sometimes gleefully (cameos for Marvel characters like Flame), sometimes with a gun to the head to promote something else ("My name is Beast Machines Tankor and I must speak!") in a way that's hard to call G1 now, even with that term always having been nebulous. So I suppose that comes as close as possible to being objectively the definitive take on Transformers as it's all in there.

(Definitive isn't the same as "Best" of course, Sean Connery is the definitive James Bond, but that doesn't mean you can't think Sir Roger or Dalton are better)
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