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Marvel for me too, particularly the UK stuff - and like Warcry I've warmed to the early UK stuff very much, especially Man Of Iron for a proper 'alien' take on Transformers. Bob's Profiles in the original Universe are still a phenomenal undertaking that remain impressive to this day, even if the Movie entries are a bit lack-lustre. Beast Wars I adore for cementing so much of what is great about Transformers and expanding on their physiology and society (even its the boring sci-fi cliche of dull,distant 'councils' ruling over all.with beards.probably), Beast Machines for being a grand experiment and its message of tempering technological and industrial progress with a respect for the environment and life. And G2 for being a grand 12 issue onslaught.

Everything else just feels alternate universe to me. Even the mighty MTMTE, which as pointed out above, feels slightly hobbled by being tacked onto IDWs sprawling and chaotic Universe/ Hasbro mandated toy nonsense. Excusable in the '80s Marvel comic when kids bought comics instead of doing videogames and selfies, less so in a marketplace that largely caters to teens and up. But y'know, branding and that...

Generally the stuff that I like and sticks out is the stuff that pushes Transformers on.
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