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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
When talking about it on twitter when I watched it people mentioned a lot of the differences were down to Canon having bought the rights before the cartoon and thus only owning stuff from the original toy pack in stuff (so no Prince Adam for example).
That's plausible. Though fair play for doing their own [Kirby-esque] thing with it rather than trying to ape something they've only got part of the rights for. It's nice that they leaned more into the sci-fi aspect than the swords/sorcery setting - probably easier to do with practical effects.

And yeah I did read somewhere that Gwildor was a sub for Orko because they couldn't do a floating character. There's some scenes with people flying about on sky sleds but it looks really cheap and it's only literally a couple of shots. The logistics of having one of the primary cast done in that style would have just been impractical.
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