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Nifty! If I see one, I might have a punt

Bought one as I was in a B&M today. Plastics are what you expect for a KO - rough to the touch and slightly brittle in places (watch those tabs - one of mine on the legs snapped off without much encouragement), but other than that, Morphotron (!) feels alright. The ratchets on mine do what they should.

Transforming the figure is exactly what I thought these 3P designs would be - a bit of unnecessary fiddle and faff, which doesn't translate very well to lower grade plastics (I can't, for the life of me, get the legs to sit flush in vehicle mode)and the trigger/ wings are very loose.

Aside from the silly chromed head, the figure looks good and impressive and everything else is in order. Not bad for a tenner, even as imposing robot action figure.

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