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I suppose what's interesting with IDW over the last few years is--as we've discussed before--their main continuity has really become a mish mash of everything, sometimes gleefully (cameos for Marvel characters like Flame), sometimes with a gun to the head to promote something else ("My name is Beast Machines Tankor and I must speak!") in a way that's hard to call G1 now, even with that term always having been nebulous. So I suppose that comes as close as possible to being objectively the definitive take on Transformers as it's all in there.
I don't think I'd agree with that. IDW's universe has become very inclusive of characters and ideas from other sources, but the basic framework is still G1 with other stuff conspicuously bolted on. When done right, it does a good job of freshening up the original concept. When done badly, it's no better than Dreamwave's tendency to draw popular non-G1 characters in crowd shots to try and elicit squees from the fanboys (Tankor probably being the best example, a toy they were forced to cram in and who occasionally shows up as part of a long-running joke, but is in no way, shape or form Beast Machines Tankor).

Or to put it another way, I think it's probably a lot easier for a G1 fan to look at the IDW universe as a definitive take than it would be for a Movie or Unicron Trilogy or Animated fan, because there's still a lot more of "our" stuff in it than anything else.

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Marvel for me too, particularly the UK stuff - and like Warcry I've warmed to the early UK stuff very much, especially Man Of Iron for a proper 'alien' take on Transformers. Bob's Profiles in the original Universe are still a phenomenal undertaking that remain impressive to this day, even if the Movie entries are a bit lack-lustre.
I don't think the importance of Bob's profiles can be overstated. Even the stripped-down for space versions that appeared as part of the tech specs gave the G1 characters more of a personality before they ever appeared in any fiction than 90% of their subsequent generations' cast got even after show appearances.

I don't think Budiansky did the movie profiles, though. They were written in an entirely different style than all of the ones that we know he did write.
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