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I happily go for MTMTE by IDW. Yes, there’s the old Hendrix argument that it wouldn’t exist without the original comic (and G2), cartoon & movies but I think its far and away better than all of them. The stories seem to reveal more concepts and ideas the more you reread them, Alex Milne’s art is awesome. It has the best versions of Prime, Megatron and Prowl, and everyone else its fleshed out are hugely intriguing. Some complain of the small cast, but I don't mind. I love Chromedome, Rewind and the rest.

The 1980’s comics can compete with Warrior School and The Smelting Pool especially. Then there's State Games, In The National Interest, Prey and so on.

But if I had to convince anyone of Transformers, I would only show them MTMTE. Its been that good a five year run.

... And perhaps Wreckers, but that is one grim story. So perhaps a sick bag to go with it.

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