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Huzzah! I didn't get any of the trial issues, but I do now have the first two 'proper' volumes, which appear to be starting to roll out now.

Just had a skim through the Target:2006 book...

Page 132 promises "Transformers US #21-22", but what follows is a full three issues, US#21 to 23.

The US issues are presented more-or-less how they were originally printed (but with the dotty colouring fixed). Surely the point in presenting the US and UK books in the correct order is so they can be read as a single story, in the proper context?

In order to smooth over the continuity cracks between the UK and US stories, the US books were usually edited (US#16-24 were especially affected) for their UK printing. But rather than the UK edits of the American stories, we get the familiar US versions. So further down the line we'll get continuity cock-ups like Razorclaw visiting Earth for the first time twice (in 'Prey' and 'Gone But Not Forgotten'). We'll also likely get appearances by Skids when he's supposed to be in limbo (he was often painted out of the US books for the British reprinting), and Skids will inexplicably take ages to travel from Wyoming back to the Ark, because we won't get the extra explanation for his absence (from the events of "Target:2006") that was added to the UK printing of "Showdown". Presumably we'll also get the unedited version of "Totaled", which will mean that Starscream will effectively escape from the Autobots twice (in "Totalled" and "Stargazing"), despite only being captured once. Ugh.

Also, shouldn't "The Gift" (UK#93) be slotted in between "Heavy Traffic" and "Decepticon Graffitti"? Where has it gone? We get covers galleries for the UK comics and full page covers for the US issues, but annoyingly the UK-exclusive covers for the American stories (such as the cover for UK#94) aren't present.

As a UK publication, it would make far more sense to get the UK edits of the US comics, just so the whole thing flows better. An example from this volume would be on page 4 of "Heavy Traffic", where it states that Prime was wounded in issue #19 - in the UK edit, that wound was as a result of being hacked at by Zenag in UK#100 - you see why this is going to get a little bumpy for readers new to the series?

Oh, and on page 214, there's a factual error as well, when it states that Transformers UK sold 200,000 copies per week. Thanks to my super-secret research, I can confirm that's bollocks. It actually sold 103,000 copies per week at its peak.

The confusion comes from the fact that each individual comic sold would tend to be read by a number of people, as kids lent or gave their comics to siblings or school friends. It was calculated that, on average, each comic sold would be read by two-point-five people. Marvel (and other comic publishers such as Fleetway or IPC) would therefore take the actual circulation figures and apply this 2.5 multiplier to give a total readership that did exceed two hundred thousand on occasion. So whilst the readership was arguably 250K-plus, the actual number of copies sold was less that half that figure.

Dalek, if only they'd hired us as editors, eh?

Oh, and hello to you too, Skyquake!
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