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Yeah the original series was weird. Some of it owning to American standards and practices still being pretty strict in 80s even for a syndicated cartoon show. I honestly don't know how Robotech got through some of it more "controversial" stuff (stuff like the death toll in First War, and Lancer cross dressing to be Yellow Dancer in the Third War) to air.
I think Robotech debuted as a network show and hit syndication later while Voltron was made for syndication first. Either that or Voltron was a weekday show and Robotech in saturday mornings.

I get the impression that companies like WEP played it safe - like real safe - when it came to editing Japanese shows for American distribution, by applying even stricter standards on them than what you'd find on a contemporary American cartoon.

Although in the case of Voltron, I think it's a combination of both them being unlucky since they originally requested Daltanias as "the one with the lion" but got sent Golion instead, and Golion itself only being noteworthy because of the violence. It was pretty bloody even at the standards of Japanese super robot shows of the time - and they were forced to edit all of it out.

I do find it amusing though that despite of all the censorship claims on wikipedia over Tranzor Z (the US edit of Mazinger Z), I ended up checking the final episode and the villain pretty unambigiously dies at the end, even in the edited version, unlike the bad guy of Voltron who is simply seen flying away at the end shaking his fist at the heroes and swearing to get them another day, that dastardly villain that he is.
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