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Smile Titans Return discussion thread


They are, on the whole, more fun than what they looked, yeah? Making everyone a Headmaster seems odd, but the interaction between the head figures and the larger figures is still entertaining, and definitely induces the "grab it and fiddle with it" nerve.

My opinion of the littlest offerings has improved somewhat after learning that the heads are actually made to interact with or complete the vehicle/critter they come with. I really like the little Overkill.

Also, kudos to Hasbro for actually getting the full seven-member basic assortment of 1987 Headmaster reduxes out within a window of a couple of months. None of that four year gap between the Classics Seekers and the Generations' complements or doling the Insecticons out over three years. They actually managed to maintain focus and do a whole subgroup together, not just in a reasonable amount of time, but quickly! That doesn't happen much.
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