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The TR line has been great! I missed out on CW when it was in stores, but made up for it with the likes of TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls. The 'fun' factor of that line translated right into the TR line, albeit in a different direction. I've made a few purchases so far:

PM Optimus Prime, Hardhead, Skullcruncher, Hot Rod, Getaway (Breakaway), Brainstorm, Loudmouth, and Squeezeplay (Crashbash)

I don't have any of the Voyagers yet, but I've been tempted several times by Galvatron and Astrotrain. I'm waiting on a Soundwave to show up at retail around me. Maybe after Christmas, plus a few of more Titan Masters like Apeface.

You know what's really sparking all this fun for me? My 4 year old boy. He's got a bunch of Rescue Bots, and the CW/TR lines have had some quick, and as you mentioned, 'fiddle with it' transformations so I can keep up. My boy really likes all the Headmasters and their interchangeability too, which he refers to as 'little guys'. It's been great to be able to play along side him for a change (instead of "Hold on... Daddy just needs a few minutes to get 'Transformer X' into car mode..." *son loses interest*).

Conversely, I recently picked up the G1 redecos of the AoE dinobots, which are cool, but they don't rank up there on the fun scale since they're really fiddly and tricky to transform. Not too many years separate these designs, so I'm glad that Hasbro went back to what made Transformers toys in the first place.

Long story short, the Titans Return figures are simply fun.

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