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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
They are, on the whole, more fun than what they looked, yeah?
Absolutely yes. With some caveats, but overall I think this is a line where the whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Ironically, I feel like it does a much better job of evoking that feeling than Combiner Wars did, even though CW was literally designed around that concept.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Making everyone a Headmaster seems odd, but the interaction between the head figures and the larger figures is still entertaining, and definitely induces the "grab it and fiddle with it" nerve.
I don't mind making everyone a Headmaster so much as I mind not making full toys of popular G1 Headmasters in the line where everyone is a Headmaster. But that's a ship that's sailed and I've decided not to let it spoil the fun for me.

I do think that there were some odd choices about which characters to make, though. There's a reason why all the original Headmasters had boxy noggins, and it's because that's the only way to hide all the arms and legs folded up in there. So while characters like Blurr, Optimus, Doublecross or Broadside can be adapted pretty seamlessly, Scourge, Astrotrain, Hot Rod or Galvatron don't work quite as well in my eyes.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
My opinion of the littlest offerings has improved somewhat after learning that the heads are actually made to interact with or complete the vehicle/critter they come with. I really like the little Overkill.
The little TM sets are super-cool, but they're also so expensive up here that I just can't justify buying them unless they're on deep discount. $9 is just too much for a barely-articulated midget that turns into a head and a mini-vehicle that transforms in two steps. I like 'em but it's a shame that Hasbro couldn't have either kept the cost a bit lower or squeezed in just a bit more value with an extra gun or something.

Especially with the all the bigger price points dropping a dollar or two at the start of TR in most of our stores, the price of the Titan Master packs just really seems disproportionate.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Also, kudos to Hasbro for actually getting the full seven-member basic assortment of 1987 Headmaster reduxes out within a window of a couple of months. None of that four year gap between the Classics Seekers and the Generations' complements or doling the Insecticons out over three years. They actually managed to maintain focus and do a whole subgroup together, not just in a reasonable amount of time, but quickly! That doesn't happen much.
Boo for making Brainstorm an exclusive, though. But in general, I agree with you. Even when they first announced that they were doing a Headmaster line I didn't really expect to see all these guys getting toys, let alone ones that are pretty accurate to their original designs.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I like them too! Mostly for being the awesome 1987 characters whose box art was better than their toys! I can't say they're all hits (Mindwipe and Skullsmasher are just not quite there, and Galvatron's spoilt by that silly flip up battle-mask), but they are fun. I like the design work and the mould re-use is helped by some neat retooling.
The aesthetic is really, really, 1987, isn't it? The designers have done a great job of capturing the "look" of that era of G1 figures. Much moreso than they did with the CW figures and their attempt to recapture the fun of the Scramble City combiners. I hope they bring that philosophy along to whatever the next line is. If anything, it makes me a bit sad about all the Movie cast done up TR-style because I'm daydreaming about how cool it would have been to get a line in the future that's full-on Dery-style the way this is full-on blocky 1987 designs. But it's hard to call that a complaint when really it's just an acknowledgement of how dead-on they've been with the Headmaster (and Targetmaster and Powermaster, considering Triggerhappy and PM Prime) look so far.

Originally Posted by ganon578 View Post
I don't have any of the Voyagers yet, but I've been tempted several times by Galvatron and Astrotrain.
I'd have to say that the Voyagers are my only real disappointment with the line so far. I think the designers just tried to do too much with them. Making them Triplechangers and including a big TM cockpit somewhere on the body and filling most of the chest with those pop-up head pieces has left most of the figures in the Voyager assortment looking a bit underwhelming compared to the Deluxes or Leaders. Even Astrotrain/Sentinel, who I like, have pretty weak-ass alt-modes.

Overall, the Voyagers just don't have the same deceptive simplicity as the rest of the line.
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