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Absolutely yes. With some caveats, but overall I think this is a line where the whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Ironically, I feel like it does a much better job of evoking that feeling than Combiner Wars did, even though CW was literally designed around that concept.
That's true. Overall though, I give Hasbro quite a bit of credit by going simpler and focusing both lines on fun and cross-play. I have a bigger soft spot for the CW line since I got them all on the cheap, but I like the TR line just as well.

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The little TM sets are super-cool, but they're also so expensive up here that I just can't justify buying them unless they're on deep discount. $9 is just too much for a barely-articulated midget that turns into a head and a mini-vehicle that transforms in two steps. I like 'em but it's a shame that Hasbro couldn't have either kept the cost a bit lower or squeezed in just a bit more value with an extra gun or something.
The TM's are only $5 USD here in the States, so they make a better impulse buy. Like you, I do wish they did just a little more, as they're cool for a bit, but quickly fall into the 'meh' category.

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I'd have to say that the Voyagers are my only real disappointment with the line so far. I think the designers just tried to do too much with them. Making them Triplechangers and including a big TM cockpit somewhere on the body and filling most of the chest with those pop-up head pieces has left most of the figures in the Voyager assortment looking a bit underwhelming compared to the Deluxes or Leaders. Even Astrotrain/Sentinel, who I like, have pretty weak-ass alt-modes.

Overall, the Voyagers just don't have the same deceptive simplicity as the rest of the line.
I'm glad I haven't bought any yet then. Maybe when they go to discount I'll pick one up, because I'd feel better with a $15 USD purchase on one than $25. Especially with quite a few stores going to $10 USD for the TR deluxes during the holidays.

I also ran into a lone TR Soundwave at Walmart last night and snagged him. I had already been collecting the data pads (Laserbeak, Rumble, Ravage, skipped on Buzzsaw) and I can't wait to open him up. From the moment I saw some stock photos I knew he was an instant buy. It'll be great to have a traditional Soundwave in my collection, as my previous attempts were Cybertron (Voyager), WfC (deluxe), and FoC (Voyager) with all the data discs. I really hope they drop a TR Frenzy soon.

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