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That's true. Overall though, I give Hasbro quite a bit of credit by going simpler and focusing both lines on fun and cross-play. I have a bigger soft spot for the CW line since I got them all on the cheap, but I like the TR line just as well.
For me, I think the difference comes from how much you need in order to actually "unlock" the cross-play. With CW you needed to buy at least a Voyager and four limb-bots in order to connect them together into a super robot, and more than that if you wanted to mix and match. With TR, get basically any two toys and they can interact with each other in some way (unless you bought two Legends).

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I'm glad I haven't bought any yet then. Maybe when they go to discount I'll pick one up, because I'd feel better with a $15 USD purchase on one than $25. Especially with quite a few stores going to $10 USD for the TR deluxes during the holidays.
That's what I'd go for. I'm satisfied with the Astrotrain I got for 40% off, but would probably be a lot more nitpicky about the little things that don't work at full price. And I can only imagine the later waves will have more nits to pick, since the later Voyagers seem to have traded paint apps for shitty-looking stickers.

They don't seem to sell through super-quick like the Deluxes do, either, at my local stores. So it's a lot easier to wait for a sale on Voyagers.

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I also ran into a lone TR Soundwave at Walmart last night and snagged him. I had already been collecting the data pads (Laserbeak, Rumble, Ravage, skipped on Buzzsaw) and I can't wait to open him up. From the moment I saw some stock photos I knew he was an instant buy. It'll be great to have a traditional Soundwave in my collection, as my previous attempts were Cybertron (Voyager), WfC (deluxe), and FoC (Voyager) with all the data discs. I really hope they drop a TR Frenzy soon.
I've got the MP with all his tapes, so I'm probably set for life in the Soundwave department. Still hoping to snag a Blaster, though, since the mold looks like a lot of fun. Personally I'm hoping that we get more than one of his tapes made into a datapad (Stripes hardly counts in my books), though Rewind and the TM Ramhorn that was rumoured are at least be a nice start. Now gimme an Eject, Steeljaw, Raindance and Grandslam please, Hasbro!
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