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Yeah, I have to agree there. The 1987 designs used to get a lot of flak from the rabid GEEWUN crowd who hated them for not being the Diaclone-derived toys that they grew up with, but honestly I've always loved them. They were much better toys than most of the stuff that came earlier, just by way of not being so fragile, and the toys often had better articulation too. And thanks to the Marvel comics that I read growing up, most of them feel like fully fleshed-out characters to me (even ones that I really only got to know via the profiles at the end of the book).

And the retro-future sci-fi aesthetic of the vehicles is just amazing. Designs like Lightspeed, Hardhead, Strafe, Sureshot, Triggerhappy or Highbrow are just beautiful, wonderful examples of 1980s futurism. The beasts are probably a bit more of an acquired taste, but even then I've always thought that the 'Con Headmasters and especially the Terrorcons had a much better look in beast mode than the Dinobots or Insecticons.

I would say that seeing them reborn as fully modern toys with the "look" fully intact is a dream come true, but honestly I never even dreamed that something like this could happen because the Generations toyline has always followed in lockstep with the fandom's rabid love for everything pre-movie. I mean, hell, did we get any new mass-retail toys of the 1987 cast before this year other than Voyager Brainstorm? I guess there's the Prime Terrorcons, if you count those. So far this year we've gotten like sixteen (even if some aren't quite in the form I'd have preferred), and another ten if you count the '88 -Masters and the Movie guys who became Targetmasters, and a (kind of shitty, but still) box set of Technobots. Even a couple years ago it would have been unbelievable.
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