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2016: "So you think I've let you off by Carrie Fisher being in a stable condition and looking like she might survive?

Well we'll see about that! Who did a famous Christmas song I can kill just before Christmas Day ends?

Noddy Holder? They might be surprised he was still alive (See: That bloke from Status Quo)...

Geoge Michael?! Ohhhhhh....that gets Band Aid in as well as Last Christmas. And makes the "That bloke from Status Quo is now the one dead person on Band Aid to be dead" people instantly definitively wrong without too much checking. DIE GEORGE!"

My mother is really upset. She still thought she might be in with a chance with him.

The second story on BBC News as I got in was about the Queen not going to church today. Presumably she looked at the rest of the year and gave up on the idea of God.
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