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Smile Happy Holidays guys!

Hope you're all having a good one (Sorry about your grandfather, Tetsuro )

Santa brought me stuff- dino dig kits, the board game Carcassonne, which is awesome because I love that game (related: we picked up Cards Against Humanity, which is ****ing hilarious the first time around, and Pie Face so we'd have something to play with the small one. She beat me twice. ).

I also got tons of cool Game of Thrones goodness- banner, mini Hound helmet replica, Summer plush, mini three-eyed crow statue, 3D map of Essos puzzle, and "A Feast Of Ice And Fire: The Official Companion Cookbook". I made Lemon Cakes for Christmas dinner. They were a bit on the sweet side for me, but Hound liked them.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

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