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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Not gone overboard with these, due to the increased cost, but the ones I do have I like very much. Especially Blaster, who's a surprise hit!
I should like to say that, at an entirely anecdotal level, $15 seems to be the breaking point. At Walmarts here, the deluxe figures have been reduced to $10 when rung up, but the pegs at some stores still say $15. At the stores where the $10 price is displayed, they've sold out, whereas at the ones with $15 price tags, they're shelf-warming.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Boo for making Brainstorm an exclusive, though. But in general, I agree with you. Even when they first announced that they were doing a Headmaster line I didn't really expect to see all these guys getting toys, let alone ones that are pretty accurate to their original designs.
Yeah, I mean I would have considered it reasonable for them to trickle out the traditional headmasters over the next six months with Brainstorm as an exclusive following in another year. As it happened, I think I found all seven within about two months. Compared to Starscream/Thundercracker/Skywarp and the Coneheads, that's wholly unexpected.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
And the retro-future sci-fi aesthetic of the vehicles is just amazing. Designs like Lightspeed, Hardhead, Strafe, Sureshot, Triggerhappy or Highbrow are just beautiful, wonderful examples of 1980s futurism.
You should look at the vehicle modes for Maketoys Quantron. Not that you need to buy a Quantron, but you should look at pictures of it.

I would say that seeing them reborn as fully modern toys with the "look" fully intact is a dream come true, but honestly I never even dreamed that something like this could happen because the Generations toyline has always followed in lockstep with the fandom's rabid love for everything pre-movie.
I've never understood as that, but rather that they were just making new figures in more-or-less the same sequence that they came around the first time. Minor gimmicks for individual figures can be done at any time (see the sporadic releases of the triple changers), but for the larger subgroups with cross-interaction (combiners and headmasters), it was just easier to do a bunch all at once. Plus the last iteration before combiner wars gave us Trailbreaker/Hoist and Skids, which were the last of the characters based on Diaclone left. So, aside from completely retreading what they've already released (which may actually be warranted: Classics is ten years old now!), it's sort of the natural next step to do a large selection of 1987-1988 characters.
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