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I'm kinda hoping they do do Pretenders. I'd be happy with a Scout/ Legends sized figure backed into a nicely sculpted shell that has some basic articulation. Though I think they'd have be Voyager scaled toys for the concept to work. I'd be less hot on Deluxes with a Legion. Er, depending on the execution of course...!

I've been very impressed with the stuff Hasbro have been doing over the last couple of years. Combiner Wars was solid and I love my new Bruticus, and that they trotted out LioKaiser and G2 colour variants, alond with curveballs like MP Shattered Glass Optimus which is a real treat (I love this toy and have been trundling him around in truck mode for most of the holidays).

I think whats selling me most on the TR stuff is that those old '87-'88 designs still seem so fresh and its really good to see stuff that isn't another car/jet/tank. I love having things like Twinferno and Wolfwire! More of that please (crosses fingers for Snapdragon).
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