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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Yeah, I have to agree there. The 1987 designs used to get a lot of flak from the rabid GEEWUN crowd who hated them for not being the Diaclone-derived toys that they grew up with, but honestly I've always loved them. They were much better toys than most of the stuff that came earlier, just by way of not being so fragile, and the toys often had better articulation too.
It's weird how there's huge nuances in the fandom created by just being a year or two apart in age.

Okay, I had a few of the Diaclone-type pieces, but it was the larger stuff like Prime, Ramjet and Grimlock (plus some minibots). By the time I was being bought TFs regularly it was the post-Movie stuff. So the larger, sturdier "neon dayglo playsk00l" stuff.

For me, that's what Transformers was. Being a grown-up and getting my hands on the older stuff hammered home how completely unsuitable they would have been for me as an actual toy. As a five-year-old I'd have completely destroyed one of those Datsuns in the space of three minutes and lost all the parts.

If a Headmasters-era toy broke it was usually due to being played with, rather than because it's a die-cast model car that someone had rigged to unfold into a primitive robot...
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