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Default Star Wars : Rogue One

I went to see this today! It was ACE. Loved it. I'm not bowled over by Star Wars as a thing, and it was only with TFA that I got close to seeing what everyone else does. This little film, though, has cemented my appreciation of Star Wars as something other than a "jumped up firecracker of a toy advert", as there's some proper character arcs and development and , as with TFA, characters I give a hoot about. I got so involved with what was going on - even though the entire plot of the film means you know how its going to turn out.

That, I think, is its key strength. Couple of my friends have been sniffy that its a spin-off made out of one line in the rolling scroll of 'A New Hope', but its played with so well within the confines of having a beginning, middle and end. Best of all, there's none of the crowd pleasing cameos (a couple of exceptions aside one major and one minor- one of which has added poignancy now*) and sense of it'll turn out alright in the end. Its a proper little war story about the things the good guys have to do to win that make them as bad as their enemies and how hard fought little victories can be.

And I love Jyn Erso. So much so, I picked up her 3.75" figure on the way home. Which is the first Star Wars figure I've owned since I was 4. So yay for capitalism.

*I was so fascinated by this I had to look up a You Tube video on this stuff as it was very impressive.
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