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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I'm kinda hoping they do do Pretenders. I'd be happy with a Scout/ Legends sized figure backed into a nicely sculpted shell that has some basic articulation. Though I think they'd have be Voyager scaled toys for the concept to work. I'd be less hot on Deluxes with a Legion. Er, depending on the execution of course...!
Based on how they've handled the last few lines, I think we can hazard a guess at how they'd tackle Pretenders. They'd want cross-play to be a thing, so the inner robots would probably need to be able to swap between bodies. I would guess that they'd make the inner 'bots Legends size, because just by visual inspection I think it would work well with both Voyager and Leader-sized shells. They would probably want to avoid having any shells that are just action figures and nothing else, because that was the original line's major flaw. Again, just eyeballing it, I would guess that would work out to the Leaders being full-fledged Thunderwing-style Mega Pretenders that can transform independently of their inner robots, and combine in vehicle mode. The Voyagers...maybe they could either transform into a perfunctory vehicle, or partsform into vehicle-mode add-ons for the inner robot? Legends would probably be stand-alone inner robot figures compatible with the bigger size classes.

Like you, not sure what they could do with Deluxes. Maybe use them for Gunrunner/Roadgrabber style Pretender vehicles. Either a simple hollow shell that pops onto the robot, or a smaller but more complex add-on that can partsform on as either vehicle or weapon bits?

The other thing that I sometimes forget is that Deluxe, Voyager and Leader are price points, not strictly size classes -- assuming the budget doesn't change, I don't know how the resulting toys would be effected by making a small, solid inner robot and a mostly-hollow shell. Would a Deluxe Pretender wind up being the same size as a Deluxe robot, or bigger, or smaller?

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I think whats selling me most on the TR stuff is that those old '87-'88 designs still seem so fresh and its really good to see stuff that isn't another car/jet/tank. I love having things like Twinferno and Wolfwire! More of that please (crosses fingers for Snapdragon).
The older Generations lines were really sticky about which alt-modes they'd use, for sure. It seemed like they spent way too much time going "that won't sell!" and not enough time spent trying to figure out how to sell a tapedeck or a microscope or a robot wolf. The fact that those things are not only possible but commonplace now is fantastic.

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It's weird how there's huge nuances in the fandom created by just being a year or two apart in age.
It is! But I'm not sure it's just a year or two, honestly. I was born in 1984, and I always got the impression that the hardcore pre-movie fanatics were around a decade older than me -- old enough to get into the first bit of the franchise, but age out of it quickly and become scornful of the "kiddy" stuff that their younger brothers were playing with.

Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
For me, that's what Transformers was. Being a grown-up and getting my hands on the older stuff hammered home how completely unsuitable they would have been for me as an actual toy. As a five-year-old I'd have completely destroyed one of those Datsuns in the space of three minutes and lost all the parts.
Yeah, like you I kinda experienced things in reverse. I started off with the big, tough post-movie toys and didn't really get introduced to the Diaclone/Microchange molds (aside from a few hand-me-downs and mail-in purchases using Robot Points) until G2 hit. But even at ten or whatever, I figured out pretty quickly that the older molds may have been pretty, but they weren't able to stand up to the sort of rough play that my Targetmasters and stuff could shrug off. And even with me being extra careful the only one that survived intact was G2 Sideswipe (not coincidentally, the last one I bought). If I'd gotten them when I was younger I would have destroyed them so quickly it would have made my parents very leery of getting me any more.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
I wonder what the other reactions to that official survey about 3P figures fed into, and how many of these designs already existed in some form at that point? Emiliano's posted a bunch of them for things like Alpha Trion but there've been a lot of releases and there are lead times...
Wasn't that just last year? I wouldn't think there'd been enough time for it to have much impact on stuff that's been released yet.

I do wonder if some of the change in philosophy can be pinned on the huge Beehives that formed in the Prime/DOTM era. Seeing pegs filled with nothing but their supposed premium fan-favourite character may have changed a few minds at Hasbro HQ about just how much "name" characters help to sell an average toy.
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