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Red face

I even took a picture of it so I can show everyone, aren't I nice.

So, Happy 2017, she says, as she sits here in her living room watching fireworks on TV by herself*. I FEEL SO BLAAAAH.

I was feeling a little sad because I can't go out and at least see the fireworks in person, but really it's my own fault that I don't really trust anyone to babysit my kid. I crave life experiences! Even as I sneeze into my eggnog. But I also have teh responsibility. So yes. Here I sit.

Plus, y'know, as far as seemingly blah starts to the New Year go, I could do a whole lot worse than what I've got. And at least I get to play board games tomorrow (hopefully if my three year old lets me) So, yeah! Happy 2017.

*Hound had to leave for work by 8 so was off to bed. SADFACE.
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