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Smile Doctor Who: Christmas 2016 and through to the End of the Moff Thread.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio!

Well, finally watched this...

Better than I thought it was going to be tbh. Looked surprisingly cheap and I'm not sure why they didn't just use the Slitheen as the zip headed alien duplicate's plan was basically a rerun of Aliens of London anyway ( In fact, considering the fank wank opening explanation for why the Doctor can go to New York again I'm surprised they didn't go as far as pointing out the similarity) but it flowed along well enough and had some good gags. And I actually liked Matt Lucas.

It did seem a bit odd to be doing such a dedicated spoof of a nearly forty year old movie when you'd have thought the current superhero craze would provide fresher material (and make more sense for kids). Indeed, the guy playing the Ghost seemed to agree as he was doing doing a Christian Bale impression when in costume.

Why did he need both glasses and a mask anyway?

And of course, getting a job as the live in nanny to the woman who doesn't know you have a thing for her is more creepy than romantic.

Oh, and whilst it makes sense in fiction for the Doctor to be upset about River still, it was a bit old business in feeling.
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