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I picked up the first issue out of curiosity, on the off chance I might take leave of my senses and think paying 20 a month and a total outlay of 800 for stuff I already (mostly) own would be worth it...

On the plus side - Production is generally very good. The UK stuff has been resized and works well. I liked the inclusion of the original editorial features on THE NEW LEADERS, Grimlock's movie review, the covers gallery and the backstory on Cybertron. The bits on the behind the scenes stuff were fine (although the Geoff Senior reference to working on Doctor Who before jumping to Dragon's Claws seemed a bit of a muddled reference to Death's Head). I like the idea of this being a sequential series presenting the old Marvel UK and US stuff together too. Oh! And I liked the poster!

On the downside... this does unfairly highlight how sedate some of the US material can look next to the more lively UK stuff. The reproduction of the US stuff - hardly sparkling 15 years ago with Titan - is notably poorer here. Maybe its from working from scans or the glossy paper ... but it looks very patchy and pale in places.

...all in all...I'm still not sure whether its worth replacing my Titan trades.

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