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If you have an Ultra 4K HD TV then I guess MAYBE the picture and sound quality might blow you away, I don't know since I don't have an Ultra 4K HD TV and so it looks a little brighter.

The new documentary has some amusing interviews with Neil Ross, Gregg Berger, Susan Blu and the guy who did Bumblebee and Flint Dille who pretty much only retells pretty much the same stories that he told the 25th Anniversary DVD. Stan Bush and Vince DiCola tell some great stories about the music and how the song "The Touch" saved some teenager from committing suicide. Livio is also interviewed talking for as a fan of the film. IMHO he does a pretty good job but honestly I would much rather have had Simon Furman and/or James Roberts involved as well.

The making of the cover is interesting if you want to see Livio draw.

The Restoration feature is only interesting if you're a hardcore film buff.

The rest are various trailers and TV spots, the commentary track, and featurettes, storyboards, are all from the 25th Anniversary DVD.

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