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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
I think the continuity horse bolted the moment they decided to publish everything. There's no way to do it without confusing the people who don't already know it.
yeah, just my own personal bias there rather than a real issue with the series. One track mind!

Any word on the stuff that was drawn but never published?
Not as far as I'm aware (I'm sure Furman will include his own notes on how WWIII would have ended if nothing else).

Has he addressed the wacky Cold Comfort & Joy placing from the trial issues?
Aye, in one of the replies, straightforward page count issues, continuity light stories may be moved about a bit for space.

EDIT: Though ironically I'd say Cold Comfort is the one Christmas story that does work best in exact sequence as a Time Wars prequel.
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