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The perspectives in here are amazing! I was born in 1980, and didn't have any TF's that were made past... 1986? Most of which held up fairly well but took one hell of a beating... but I didn't have any of the 1984 cars like the Datsuns.

EDIT: That 1986 comment is a big lie. I had a few: Goldbug (1987), Guzzle (1988), The Race Car Patrol Team (Roadhandler, Freewheeler, Tailspin, Swindler) (1989).

I never owned a Headmaster, Targetmaster, etc. my entire childhood, yet I am completely captivated by the Titans Return line. No nostalgia is playing any part in my enjoyment of these Transformers. Figures like Skullcruncher and Triggerhappy are flat-out fun, and I don't mind the really odd (to me) stuff on the shelves like Mindwipe and Weirdwolf. I don't know if it's totally collectors around me, but these are selling well around here when on 'discount'.

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